Ze Ze Lai is an acclaimed watercolor artist from Hong Kong. She draws inspiration from nature, and her expertise is in painting animals and birds. Ze Ze adopts an impressive range of styles in her art practice. From painting soft and dream-like scenes of small birds in the forests, to her use bold dynamic strokes and granulating textures, she takes her viewers on a journey of imagining the peculiar lives and small moments of the little animals in nature. Ze Ze has received numerous awards for her paintings, her works have been widely exhibited around the world.


Vice President, IMWA ASEAN Watercolour Allaince

Vice President, Hong Kong Artists Federation

Former President, International Watercolor Society Hong Kong

Deputy Secretary General, (IMWA) International Masters of Watercolour Association

Consultant, Hong Kong Teacher’s Watercolor Research Society

Consultant, Yunnan Normal University international watercolor research centre

Founder, International Watercolor Magazine

Chief Editor, The Treasure of Watercolor Masters Book Series

Gallery Director, Rainze Gallery Hong Kong

Signature member of the Society of Animal Artist (SAA)

Signature member of National Watercolor Society (NWS)

Signature member of Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS)


2024 Stieglitz Academy “Around the world Art without borders” Laureate Award

2024 SPLASH 25 Watermedia Competition Second Place Award

2023 First International Top Experimental Art Online Exhiibition Gold Award

2023 Watercolor International 6 in Thessaloniki Merit Award

2023 Chaoshan Watercolor Exhibition Excellence Award

2023 Golden Bauhinia Cup Morden Ink Competition Silver Award

2023 Wildlife Artist of the Year Finalist

2023 Watercolor International 6 Merit Award

2023 Stieglitz Academy “Art without border” 2nd Place

2022 Stieglitz Academy “Artist View of the World” Bronze Award

2021 IWS Korea International Watercolor Biennale Master Award

2021 Chaoshan Watercolor Exhibition Excellence Award

2021 Albania International Watercolor Festival Best Work Award

2021 Chaoshan Watercolor Exhibition Grand Award

2020 Wildlife Artist of the Year Wings Category Winner

2019 Malaysia Watercolor Online Contest Excellence Award

2019 Genesis of Watercolor, India, Honorable Mention Award
Premio TlálocInternational exhibition, Mexico Excellence Award
2018 NWWS International Watercolor Exhibition Jury Award
2017 NWWS North West Watercolor Society Special Recognition Award
2017 1st Quito International Watercolor Exhibition 3rd Place Award
2016 Thailand Watercolor Exposition Watercolor Director Award
2016 Society of watercolor artist Juried Exhibition Jury Award
2016 World Watercolor Arts Biennale Thailand Watercolor Director Award

Recent Exhibitions

2024 Feb “Glory in the Flower” international watercolor exhibition

2024 March Stieglitz Academy “Around the world Art without borders”

2024 Feb “Heaven and Man as One” Exhibition

2023 Oct Dalian International Watercolor Master Work Invitation Exhibition

2023 Oct Watercolor International 6 in Thessaloniki

2023 Sept Wildlife artist of the year, London

2023 Jun Hong Kong Federation of Arts Shenzhen Invitation Exhibition

2023 June Joy in art watercolor open exhibition

2023 May The 4th Luxu International Watercolour Masters’ Exhibition

2023 “Goddess of Beauty” International Watercolor Flowers Exhibition

2023 Jan Light upon Shexiang Jingning International watercolor exhibition

2022 Dec 14th International Watercolor Biennial, Mexico

2022 Dec 1st Qingdao China Contemporary Watercolor Invitation Exhibition

2022 Oct Artistsforpainteddogs third annual Autumn Exhibition

2022 Oct Explorer against extinction Annual Exhibition

2022 Sep Society of Animal Artists 62nd  Exhibition, California

2022 Aug 2022 New Expression of International Art Exhibition

2022 Aug Soicety of Anial Artists Members Exhibition

2022 July  Hong Kong Qingdao International Watercolor Exhibition

2022 Jun Wildlife Artist of the year, London

2022 Jun “Light of Love 愛之光” exhibition

2022 “Goddess of Beauty” International Watercolor Flowers Exhibition

2021 Guangxi Annual Watercolor Exhibition

2021 International Pyrenees watercolor exhibition, France

2021 Shenzhen Solo exhibition -Ze Ze Lai

2021 Ze Ze Lai solo watercolor exhibition – Suzhou South East Art Museum

2021 International watercolor research New Year online exhibition

2021 Japan-Chinese artist online exhibition

2021 Great Bay Area Guangdong Master of watercolor invitation exhibition

2020 Guangxi watercolor annual exhibition

2020 Chaozhou Shantou watercolor annual exhibition

2020 IWS France/Vietnam international watercolor exhibition

2020 SAA Society of animal artist international exhibition

2020 HK Arts Collective

2020 Japan international autumn exhibition

2020 “We are together” Russia international watercolor invitation art exhibition

2020 Hong Kong artist federation mid autumn art exhibition

2020 Watercolor.Continent Russia invitational watercolor exhibition

2020 IWS Poland international watercolor exhibition

2020 IMWA Master of watercolor exhibition

2020 London David Shepherd wildlife artist of the year exhibition

2020 international contemporary art exhibition

2020 Colourful Hope Latin America Online art exhibition

2020 IWS Slovenia watercolor exhibition

2020 IWS Pakistan international watercolor biennale

2020 Jan: Go with the flow international watercolor elite exhibition

2020 Jan: Asia Pacific Art Biennale

2019 Nov: “World of High Watercolor”, Moscow

2019 Oct: NWS international open exhibition, United States

2019 Oct: Beautifully made” Bless Asia Singapore exhibition

2019 Sep: Master Elite Exhibition, Albania

2019 Sep: “Paint the charm of Lijiang heritage city”, Yunnan China

2019 Aug: CASTRA 2019, Slovenia

2019 Aug: 3rd IWS Indonesia watercolor exhibition

2019 July: Malaysia International Watercolor Invited Exhibition

2019 July: IWS Bulgaria Triennale

2019 July: 1st International watercolor grand masters exhibition, Moscow

2019 July: Hong Kong Arts Collective Exhibition, Hong Kong

2019 Mar: Acqua di colore, Edsvik Konsthall, Sweden

2019 Mar: Embrace Life -Story of end-of-life patients watercolor exhibition

2019 Feb: A date with flowers watercolor exhibition,Hong Kong.

2019 Jan: Peaceful Golden Heritage 1st Myanmar Watercolor Festival